Well Focused understands the value of being a resource for patients who need a trusted partner in contemporary healthcare & integrative medicine. Our goal is to help you achieve wellness in mind, body & soul through physical, social & mental well being. This whole-body, whole-mind approach leaves room for integrative medicine, which takes the form of Ayurvedic (EYE-urr-VAY-dik) health care at Well Focused. Among other methods, Ayurvedic medicine utilizes diet, lifestyle, purification, herbal remedies, breathing exercises, yoga & massage as holistic health processes.



One of the many services that sets Well Focused apart is our organic herbal apothecary

We ensure each product is carefully crafted on site, by hand. This allows for the utmost attention to detail & the ability to provide formulas in an efficient, controlled & timely manner. 

All medical patients, yoga, meditation & spa clients of Well Focused will receive products  brimming with the highest quality organic herbs & oils in addition to our healing & loving energy.



Complementary Ayurvedic Services

  • Comprehensive Health & Medication Evaluation

  • Nursing Follow-ups

  • Lifestyle Practices

  • Ayurvedic Dietary Assessments

  • Yoga & Meditation

  • Herbal & Botanical Formulations for Healing




  • New Patient Assessment: $325 for 3-hour intake

    (scheduled over two separate sessions)

  • Follow Up Appointment: $150

  • Personalized Coaching/Research: $150


Lisa’s wisdom, encouragement & relaxed approach have empowered me to integrate Ayurveda into my life, and I believe Lisa & her Ayurvedic tools are the reason I am doing so well in spite of some serious health challenges.

I am grateful for her ability to draw on the insights of both eastern & western approaches to healing. When I talk with her, I feel heard & respected. Dealing with a disease process tempts me to feel anxious & discouraged, but Lisa makes me feel confident, positive & healthy.
— Janice Springer (Patient)


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